The pool in an average* Sydney house uses 40% of total electricity.

Pooled Energy saves pool owners up to 30% off their household electricity use.
Calculate your savings in energy, chemicals and time.
And discover how you can enjoy an easier, cleaner, smarter pool.

Calculate your Savings


how much you can save* with Pooled Energy

House Size
Hint, your total energy usage is on your electricity bill.

What type of pool do you have?

How much time do you spend looking after your pool?

How often do you pay for a pool technician visit in swim season?

Temperamental Pool
In the past 2 years have you had a temperamental pool which has gone green or stopped you from swimming or cost $ to fix?
eg. Green Pool, Red Eyes, Black Spot, Algae, Blocked circulation, No swimming days (banned due to chemicals)


*Note: Indicated savings are not a guarantee but based on estimates for average pool owners and systems. Individual circumstances apply and savings opportunities will need to be assessed during a site inspection.

Estimated cost savings*
Per Year
off entire
electricity bill

Reduction in
chemicals used

Reduction in
pool labour costs

Less time spent
maintaining your pool

Reduction in
CO2 emissions

Cleaner, higher quality,
healthier water!

*Based on anytime tariff and assumptions that may not apply to you. Each swimming pool and house and energy usage and cost is unique.
To learn more and find out how much you can save, call or enquire online.

*Average house uses 10-11 MWh/p.a., with a 45,000 litre pool, 1.5 HP pump, filter and salt chlorinator. Individual circumstances apply.

We combine electricity retail services with our pool automation technology utilising your existing equipment and ensuring outstanding water quality.


Pooled Energy's NEW low maintenance approach to pool chemistry for high quality, low maintenance swimming water.


Pooled Energy's bundled supply of household electricity, energy management and pool services.

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Save up to 30% of household electricity … and enjoy an Easier, Cleaner, Smarter pool.

I am a very satisfied Pooled Energy customer. The company does what it says it will do, its representatives are always pleasant and helpful and its bold energy bill savings estimates have certainly been realised in my case. And, as a bonus, my pool has become virtually carefree for me.

ID, Castlecrag

Very happy with the services provided by Pooled Energy. I have a constantly clean pool and it has saved me from the worries of going to the pool shop and has also saved me on my electricity costs.

NK, Putney

We’ve had several pools over the years and they’ve all been varying degrees of ‘painful’. This one has been completely pain free…fully automatic, controllable from our iPhones and water clarity and quality we’ve never seen before. Our only job is to occasionally fish out some leaves. Great system.

TD, Northbridge