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Pooled Energy is an Electricity Retailer in the National Electricity Market, authorised to sell retail electricity in NSW, Queensland, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania.  Pooled Energy sells exclusively to swimming pool owners and operators, providing them with an integrated solution of advanced pool automation services and electricity.  Our pool automation system is a unique technology designed to provide customers spectacular, healthier water quality and savings in energy, chemicals, time and money.  As an energy management company Pooled Energy strategy is to “pool the pools” to provide demand side management capability to the grid whilst improving customer amenity.  Pooled Energy is Australian owned, based and operated and the solution has significant global potential.

The technology and ecosystem for customers has been developed over a 7 year period as part of a $20M R&D program by Pooled Energy’s parent company, Efficiency Filters to develop a virtual private national grid. Both Pooled Energy and Efficiency Filters are Australian owned, based and operated.

  • We believe in the ongoing development of new technologies as the path to a better, more energy efficient future.
  • We believe in great engineering of products and the professional and reliable delivery of services to our customers.
  • We believe in the importance of protecting the environment and we’re excited that Pooled Energy will save household energy, improve lifestyle by keeping swimming pools healthy and simultaneously optimise electricity generation and distribution through the electricity grid.
  • We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, and we will always try to communicate in simple transparent language.
  • We care about our pool owner customers and we use what we offer in our homes and pools.

Our offer is currently available in Sydney, NSW for residential and strata pools.  Subscribe to keep in touch as we launch into new states and new markets.

Our Directors and Advisory Board

View Pooled Energy – The Inspiration by John Riedl

John Riedl, Executive Chairman shares his journey on what inspired the creation of Pooled Energy.

We are an energy management company using new pool technology to help save our customers energy, chemicals and costs


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