Taking a load off

29 November 2018

Innovative approaches to integrating energy systems

2 October 2018

Australian Financial Review
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Pooled Energy claims to save pool owners, and the grid

8 August 2018

Australian Financial Review
Picture: Courtesy of AFR

Kel Richards of 2CH is a well known author, journalist an broadcasters. In this segment he discusses the rising energy costs and solutions for pool owners

December 2017

Kel Richards addresses how Pooled Energy can transform your pool and your energy bills to give you a swimming pool that virtually looks after itself. Continue Listening.

Sky News Real Estate. Pooled Energy Reduces Emissions & Hassle

November 2017

Pooled Energy CEO John Huggart explains how you can save money on your summer bills – even though pools use up to 40% of household electricity! Continue Watching the News Story.

2GB Broadcaster Ben Fordham addresses how you can save on your pool

October 2017

We’re all hit by the recent electricity price hikes, especially pool owners. Ben Fordam, renowned commentator for 2GB addresses how owning a swimming pool can cost up to 40% of your household electricity! And, that there is a way to save…and not just on electricity. Continue Listening.

The new smart tech to maintain your swimming pool

September 2017

There’s a new solution to help keep your swimming pool looking cleaner for longer. Start-up Pooled Energy has launched a new system that enables homeowners to constantly monitor their pools via smartphones. Continue Reading. Continue Reading.

Pooled Energy has created an IoT device to automate pool systems and reduce home energy costs

July 2017

If the last few years are any indication, Australia’s headed towards a blisteringly hot summer later this year.

Through a set of internet-of-things (IoT) devices which attach to a pool’s system, the startup is able to drastically reduce the energy consumption of a household pool, reducing it to roughly 10 percent of a household’s total energy usage. Continue Reading.

Don’t splash it – stop your pool leaking money

July 2017

RISING energy prices are making it harder for some Australians to keep warm in winter, but they will also hit the hip pocket when summer rolls around and not just for those with air conditioning. Continue Reading.

Project Complete: Pooled Energy Reduces Big Pool’s Big Energy Bills

June 2017

Before the Pooled Energy system was installed, the pool struggled to maintain water balance and could not cope with the leaf load from surrounding trees. Now the pool is clean, the water is balanced and the running costs have been significantly reduced. Continue Reading.

Apple, Google, Telstra look at ways they can offer customers better deals and ways to save electricity

26 July 2016

Pooled Energy is part of a revolution coming to electricity, offering innovative ways of providing power to consumers. Continue reading.

Pooled Energy: Should you dive in?

19 January 2016


Owning a big home with a swimming pool is the ultimate Australian dream. But for some people, pools are too expensive or time consuming to really enjoy. That’s where Pooled Energy comes in. Continue reading.

Pooled Energy wins the Tech23 Market Changing Technologies Award

17 November 2015


Pooled Energy’s CEO John Riedl delivered a 5 minute pitch at this years Tech 23 event and was voted winner of the Market Changing Technologies Award which was accompanied by a $5k cash prize!

Free swimming pool equipment sweetens offering from new entrant in the consumer market

4 November 2015

Sydney-based Pooled Energy is offering an innovative premium service to pool owners in which they upgrade the customer’s pool equipment, remotely manage the pool, supply them with discounted electricity and save them up to $1000 per year in the process. Continue reading.

Pooled Energy brings IoT to swimming pools

29 October 2015


Sydney start-up Pooled Energy has emerged from closed beta with plans to shake up the management of Australia’s 1.2 million swimming pools using Internet of Things technology. Continue reading.

North Shore invention makes maintaining public and home pools hassle free!

19 October 2015


You’d have to agree that swimming in public and private pools is a popular pastime for most. But how often do you stop to think about how clean the water is that you or your child is swimming in?

Even if it’s your own pool, unless you manually test the water you can’t be sure if the water is chemically balanced and healthy to swim in, and playing around with pool chemicals and filters can be dangerous and a chore. Thankfully, a new innovation Pooled Energy, which was actually invented on the North Shore, is set to change how families and swim centres check and filter their pool water. Continue reading.

There is more to IoT startup Pooled Energy than meets the eye

9 September 2015


The way pools are filtered and sanitised has not changed much in the last 30 years. Growing up with a backyard pool, I remember we tested the water with a pH stick a few times a week and added chemicals like chlorine to the water. The process was manual, and failing to keep up with maintenance causes all sorts of bacteria to fester in the water, creating a cesspool breeding ground for algae and insects. Continue reading.

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