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Advanced Water Chemistry

Ready to swim? With Pooled Energy, your pool certainly is – 24/7, every day, year round. Nicer to be in, thanks to what we leave out.

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Advanced Water Chemistry

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Ready to swim? With Pooled Energy, your pool certainly is – 24/7, every day, year round. Nicer to be in, thanks to what we leave out.

The Story of pH

Before you dive into the story of pH – let’s recap on what pH is. pH is a scale from acid to alkaline – and is measured from 0 to 14 – with 7 being neutral. Pool acid is 0, Drano is 14, a lemon is 3 and coffee is 5. Your stomach is 1-3, while your skin and eyes prefer 8 to 8.5.

Pool water PH chart

Why is this important to your health and the enjoyment of your swimming pool?

You need water that is both comfortable to swim in and effective in keeping the water well sanitised and safe.

You need a sanitiser like chlorine to disinfect your pool. Too little and you risk giving your family a nasty infection, too much and risk those pesky red eyes, irritated nasal passages and even allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

Conventional pool chlorine treatment operates at pH 7.2-7.6, which is acceptable but not ideal for skin and eyes, and which requires a lot of regular maintenance and chemicals since most pools naturally drift to about pH 8.5.

This results in a continuous tug of war as you are forced to keep adding acid to get the pool up to pH 7.4 so that the chlorine works correctly, as well as buffer, stabiliser and balancing agents while the pool stubbornly returns to ~ pH 8.5 every week or so.

There’s a better way.

Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry, a new combination of chemicals you only need to add twice a year (depending on rainfall and/or water loss). You no longer need pool acid, stabiliser, buffer, calcium lifter, do your own testing or pay a regular ‘pool guy’. The water quality and its comfort improves dramatically, while Pooled Energy’s continual monitoring and control via the Internet insures minimal energy and chemical use, reliable water quality and no green pools. Please see the FAQs for additional information.

Pool water chemicals diagram

The details? Let’s go to your pool

Taking approximately one hour, we upgrade your existing pool equipment with sensors, Wi-Fi switching and an Intelligent Pool Controller. This is the world’s most advanced pool automation system – designed and engineered right here in Australia.

Back at base we have what is called a Network Operations Centre (NOC). Approximately 50 water quality, equipment status and energy use parameters are monitored and controlled – in real time by the Intelligent Pool Controller at your pool- and sent via the internet to our ( well actually, your… ) Network Ops Centre. Our NOC also helps manage your pool’s electricity and chemical usage and your overall electricity account.

To be able to ‘pool’ pools in such a way as to help off-load and stabilise the Electricity Grid, Pooled Energy, must, by law, be an electricity retailer. Unlike other electricity retailers, Pooled Energy, who only deals with pool owners, started with the idea of saving you energy. Our high-tech engineering founders looked into their pools and saw an ‘appliance’ using up to 40% of household electricity annually. Now – with Pooled Energy’s Automated Pool Control system we can save you up to 30% of total household electricity consumption. We are your dedicated energy management company.

This is a recipe for success – the right combination of sensing and water chemistry – controlled automation – optimised – to respond to internal and external factors.

Enjoy an energy-saving, healthier automated pool with Advanced Water Chemistry

Save on energy use

Save on chemical costs

Cleaner, clearer water

No more pool shop visits

Much nicer to swim in

Note: benefits vary with pool and house size and appliances used.

Let’s get started…

Ready to save up to 30%* of your energy use and contribute towards the greater good?

Pooled Energy’s system requires a pool inspection with one of our friendly, professional Pool Technicians.

The inspection is free and no obligation.

* % savings in energy vary with pool, house and appliances used

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