Over the last few months, the Pooled Energy engineering team has been working hard to improve performance, capabilities and ease-of-use for the Pooled Energy system and application.

Version 4.6 of the Pooled Energy application is now live and brings with it enhancements to improve your pool experience.

These include:

Reduce Water Level feature

We’ve added a step-by-step process that enables you to reduce the water in your pool. You can access it via the Pool Maintenance page.

More feedback on equipment states

If a piece of equipment is unavailable for a particular reason (such as a safety precaution or being disabled), the application will now provide information regarding that state.

Direct Connection improvements

  • Added the ability to manually disconnect from Direct Connection mode via the link icon in the navigation bar
  • Smoother transition between exiting and entering Direct Connection

Other bits and bobs

  • Updated the logo to reflect the brand change
  • Improvements to make logging into the application faster
  • Ability to extend equipment overrides
  • Fixed bug that caused the cancelling of a Guided Backwash to fail
  • Fixed bug that caused a constant ‘Communication Issues’ message to appear when first opening the application for some customers
  • Pool Maintenance page received a User Interface face lift
  • Added a prompt when running a Super Chlorination cycle if ORP is already high