At Pooled Energy we are! There has been a lot of publicity in the press and on TV recently regarding the significantly increasing cost of electricity and the problems with electricity generation, distribution and reliability. The cost of electricity that all Electricity Retailers purchase in the National Electricity Market has increased dramatically in the last 12 months and, like the other retailers, we have no option but to pass these costs on.

Important notice to our highly valued customers

Pooled Energy is focused on helping you to reduce your energy consumption because, in the end, this is the only sustainable way to reduce your costs.

With the increasing price of electricity in the market, the benefits you get from having a Pooled Energy system that reduces your pool’s energy consumption, are also increasing.

As an electricity retailer focused on energy efficency, our aim is to  help you navigate through the current price rises by using technology to help you reduce your electricity consumption (and other household costs).  We will be announcing some significant enhancements to help you further, in the near future.

Pooled Energy sets their electricity pricing based at the average of the non-discounted market offers of the big 3 electricity retailers. As a result, with effect from 1 July 2017, Pooled Energy will be changing its market offer electricity rates.

Details of the Pooled Energy market offer price fact sheets are available on our website.  Or, feel free to contact one of our support staff on 1300 364 703 or email