For customers who joined Pooled Energy after April 2016, we will commence home deliveries of Advanced Water Chemistry (AWC) chemicals, this winter.

AWC requires the replenishment of its key chemicals typically once or twice a year, depending on the amount of rain and water loss from the pool.

We will advise when you need replenishment AWC chemicals and ship the required quantities to you (at published prices).  These are typically 5-20 kilograms of easily dissolving chemicals, depending on the size of your pool.

Please add the chemicals to the pool in accordance with the safety directions on the packet.  The quantity shipped should all be added into the water on receipt, unless specifically stated otherwise, and allowed to fully dissolve and mix before swimming.

Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry uses fewer types and lower amounts of chemicals added to the water, compared with conventional chemistry. This is further improved with the exciting new AWC 2.0, described below.  Our customers tell us that this results in water more pleasant to swim in as well as better sanitised water.