On Sunday morning we’ll all adjust our clocks for daylight savings.

If you’re anything like me, you wander around the house grumbling at “dumb” clocks and appliances that need to be changed manually.

…..How’s this done again?…..Where did I put that manual?…. What time is it now?……

And praise the “smart” clocks and gizmos that update automatically. So let me ask you.

When was the last time you adjusted the time clocks on your pool equipment?

If you think this is a trick question, in a way it is.

Electricity costs the most during ”Peak” time, less during “Shoulder” times and least during “Off Peak”. (Check with your energy provider for their time of use periods). If you are billed on a Time of Day basis and, unless you have a solar pool heater, you want to run your pool mainly during Off Peak and a little during Shoulder periods. The shift in daylight saving time could inadvertently operate your pool during a more expensive billing period – so check those clocks!

Ok now for the cunning part of the question.

The other critical times to change your pool clocks are at the summer to winter and winter to summer transitions. Your pool’s energy consumption can be dramatically reduced during the winter months, saving yet more money. So make a note to change your pool clocks in about May and September. Tedious but necessary…..Or is it?

By the way, if you’re a Pooled Energy customer you don’t have to worry about ANY of this – Our “smart” system automatically adjusts for daylight saving and periods of low demand operation, for instance during winter.

If you’re not a customer hopefully you have one more reason to join us.