Connecting Gas and Electric pool heaters

For systems installed after February 2018, you can ask us to connect new or existing pool heater to the Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC). This will enable us to synchronise the heater operation with the other pool equipment and save energy as described below.  This arrangement also allows you to operate the heater remotely via the Pool App.

We also configure the Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) to manage the water flow for the heater start-up and shut-down sequences so as to avoid overheating pool piping which can soften and burst or crush unless this is done correctly.

For systems installed prior to 2018, in most cases we can provide heater control, so please contact us to discuss if you are interested.

Operating Heaters

For systems installed after February 2018, the IPC will switch the heater on at the times you have requested, and synchronise its operation with the other pieces of pool equipment.  

Pooled Energy operates your heater to a water temperature set-point in a much more energy efficient way than a conventional, pool heater setup, especially if your filter pump provides the water to your heater, as it does in most pools.  Without a Pooled Energy system, the heater requires that the dependent pump, which provides water flow to the heater, be running at full or near-full capacity, regardless of whether the pool temperature is above or below the heater set-point.  With a Pooled Energy system, the dependent pump for the heater is only turned on (or up to the required flow-rate) when the temperature is below the pool water temperature set-point.  This can save you hours of pump electricity usage each day.

Gas Heaters

There are two alternative ways to control Gas Heaters and Heat Pumps.

1. Set the target temperature on the front panel of the heater and always leave the heater switched ON on its front panel. The IPC will signal the heater to heat in accordance with the operating PLAN.  We recommend this method if you need to change the pool temperature set-point often, or
2. Set the target temperature on the front panel of the heater at least two degrees hotter than your target temperature and always leave the heat pump switched ON.  Then, inform Pooled Energy of the actual target temperature you would like your heater to run to so we can configure the IPC accordingly.  We recommend that you choose this method for maximum energy savings as we only run your dependent pump when heating is required to reach your target temperature.  In a future version of the App you will have control to adjust the set point from there as well.