John Huggart has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of innovative Australian electricity retailer and pool technology developer, Pooled Energy.  John was most recently with Alinta Energy leading Sales and Marketing and has deep industry expertise and experience in driving growth both in electricity and gas markets as well as services with the establishment of Solar, Hot Water, Metering, Engineering and Technical Service businesses.  Whilst John has worked for industry leaders in energy, his career has also spanned start-up and high growth private equity business growth for consumer products and business technology.  John is a passionate leader who will drive strategic growth for the company.

John will use his strong sales and marketing track record, together with his commercial and technical acumen to build Pooled Energy’s profile and achieve greater outcomes for customers, partners and shareholders alike.

John explains he is like most pool owners who silently suffer “Chronic Pool Fatigue”. 

“Two years in a row I maintained my pool perfectly all year only to have algae and green pool disaster strike as summer kicked in,” John says. “Like most pool owners, I found managing my pool was a hassle, taking more time and money than I wanted.”

“Then I learned about Pooled Energy,” he explains. “I didn’t know that an Australian company could change my entire enjoyment of our pool, save energy and time! Coming from the energy industry, I was very excited to see how the company developed real and unrivalled value for customers and the industry.”

“So I became a customer and then I joined the company, because this is a secret worth sharing,” he enthuses.

“I have been made to feel very welcome by all the team at Pooled Energy and have been impressed by their dedication and care of customers, and how clever and committed the team are. I have come from the energy industry, and very excited to see this company develop real and unrivalled value for customers and the industry, first stop here at home, and then the world.”

“Feel free to reach out at any time, I have had the opportunity to meet many customers and always interested to know how we can improve and grow.” or call on 1300 364 703.


John Huggart