Choosing a pool cleaning service can be a task wrought with uncertainty. There are so many options that things get complicated quickly and there’s a temptation to choose the first offering that seems to do the lot. However, this can be a recipe for an unhealthy pool and/or you can end up with some large bills. It needn’t be this way. Below we offer our top 5 tips for choosing a pool cleaning service.

5 Tips for choosing the perfect pool cleaning service

1. Automate everything

Pool owners will know that ignoring a pool, even for a little while, can turn it into an un-swimmable mire very quickly. Fixing algal blooms (which lead to the dreaded Green Pool) can require overusing chemicals which, in-turn, can make the water harsh and even painful to swim in. Finding (and maintaining) the right balance is tricky and even the most dedicated pool guy will need to visit very regularly to keep a pool perfect all year round. Using timers can help somewhat but these don’t account for weather changes and they can’t react to anomalies. Fortunately, the technology exists to maintain a pool’s chemistry automatically; by using a smart meter. By measuring chemistry, weather and even electricity supply in (near) real time, your pool can remain in optimal condition (at the lowest cost) all the year round: a perfect pool cleaning service.

Pool Cleaning Service

2. Get a dedicated energy provider

Maintaining a pool can get expensive, especially when it comes to heating and heating plays a major part in pool cleanliness and servicing. With power bills making up some 30 per cent of the ever-increasing household electricity bills, it makes sense to reduce the biggest cost of them all: pool heating. Now, you can get special deals (such as Arena Energy’s renewable energy, swimming pool technology trial) which allow you to segment pool energy usage and reduce the power required to heat and maintain your pool – all the year round. As such you can stave off a pool cleaning service knowing that it’s cost-effective to power the pool, even when you’re not using it.

3. Maintain the pool’s temperature

If you don’t maintain pool temperature properly you’ll also have to deal with cleaning issues. A pool might not look dirty but, if it’s too warm, bacteria, algae and bugs can thrive in it… requiring a cleaning service. If a pool is too cold, chemical reactions can slow down meaning that over-chlorination can become an issue. If things get really cold then Salt Chlorine Generators may stop working entirely. Hotel pools aim for a 27-29oC range while competitive swimming pools are typically two-degrees cooler.

4. Maintain water levels

A good ol’ Australian downpour is enough to flummox any solution that affects a pool’s cleanliness. Too much water and chemicals can become over-diluted and less effective. Too little and your pumps start taking in air which can damage them. So maintain water levels to put off unnecessary pool cleaning services.

5. Use a pool cover

A pool cover has many uses including evaporation prevention and temperature maintenance. However, it can dramatically impact pool cleaning services too. Leaves that blow on to a pool cover often blow off again while fewer leaves in the pool mean fewer that need emptying from your skimmers and fewer that sink to the bottom (which affects chemistry and cleanliness). On top of that, rain will wash in all manner of pollutants from the surrounding area and this can, at least in part, be reduced from utilising a cover.

If you’re interested in getting the best, most efficient and cost-effective pool cleaning service, check out Pooled Energy which offers automation to keep your pool clean, comfortable and usable the whole year round… all at the lowest price possible.