They say of owning a boat that the best day you’ll ever have will be the day you buy it. The next best day will be the day you sell it. While a swimming pool is no boat, the quote will still resonate with many pool owners who recognise that the initial thrill of ownership can eventually become displaced with the rigmarole of high maintenance and big bills. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Many arduous tasks can be automated and costs can be reduced. So let’s look at how to achieve a fabled self cleaning pool. But first…

What happens if you don’t clean your pool?

Arguably the opposite of a self-cleaning pool is a pool that is left to its own devices and while some may frown at referring to nature as dirty, breeding your own private biome is as far removed from a pleasant swimming environment as it gets (for humans anyway). An unmaintained pool will lose chemical protection allowing algae, bacteria and bugs to breed. This proto-primordial soup will be exacerbated through leaves and other debris being washed into it – all leading to your skimmers and filters getting clogged. Evaporation will significantly reduce water levels which may introduce air into any active pumps and this can damage them. Meanwhile, allowing pool water to get too cold reduces the chemical reactions inherent in the chlorification process while allowing the pool to get too warm encourages more Petri-dish activity. And we don’t want that.

Self Cleaning Pool

How to create a self cleaning pool

To keep a swimming pool clean automatically you need a system that manages chemistry, temperature and volume. Even then, you’ll need to remove some leaves but a swimming pool cover can help minimise this.

Pooled Energy can play a large component in a self cleaning pool. Its system monitors everything in a (near) real-time basis, beaming information about your pool to an operations centre in the cloud, where the data is analysed in relation to the weather and  electricity market’s highly-variable price and supply. The result is an ecosystem which combines advanced water chemistry, energy management and pool automation.

With constant monitoring, it’s ready to swim in, 24/7 every day of the year – you won’t have to worry about whether there’s too much chlorine or if not enough has been added. Furthermore, thanks to smart metering, you can rest assured that it’s at a comfortable temperature (which has been achieved in the most cost-efficient way possible). In many respects, it’s the closest incarnation of a self cleaning pool available.

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