Smart Meter Australia

There are many advantages to having Smart Meters in Australia but, in a domestic setting, they are particularly useful when being integrated with the management of swimming pools. By automating heating, sanitation, chemistry and general pool-maintenance operations, smart meters have the potential to provide clean, comfortable pools with minimal personal input while saving power, reducing bills and lessening impact on the environment… all year round.

Smart Meter Australia

What is a smart meter?

In Australia, traditional electricity meters get read every three-to-six months by people who physically visit premises to observe them. Conversely, a smart meter transmits its readings to a data centre (in the cloud) via the internet, at intervals that typically range between minutes and days. By monitoring electricity consumption in this way, supply and usage can be managed to work more efficiently and more harmoniously with fluctuations that are inherent in the power grid and electricity markets. Consequently, electricity consumption can be delayed (for non-urgent tasks) until a time where supply is cheap and plentiful. This makes electricity delivery much more efficient and the costs of using it are significantly reduced (by around 30%).

How does Pooled Energy’s Smart Meter work in Australia?

Pooled Energy’s smart meter sends information about your pool’s temperature, water levels, sanitation and chemistry back to its Australian-based Network Operating Centre. The data is processed, on-the-fly, in conjunction with information from the Weather Bureau, Electricity Market plus Grid Stability monitors. This happens on a daily basis and everything can be accessed, viewed and tweaked via a smartphone app. The result is that your swimming pool is maintained in the cheapest and most efficient way possible, leaving you paying as little as possible to heat the pool and maintain its chemistry. In short, it remains crystal clear throughout the year!

Pooled Energy’s smart meter takes the form on an Intelligent Pool Controller. This attaches to your existing pump and, in addition to other energy sensors and smart switches, monitors pH levels, sanitation levels (ORP), water temperature, salt levels and water flow. While everything is controlled automatically via the operations centre, it’s still possible to remotely-manage the pool via the app. This enables you to pre-warm the pool from work if you fancy a swim when you get home or slightly drain the pool if a rain storm suddenly descends from the heavens. It works wherever you are: all you need to do is tap your smartphone screen. The system is far more intelligent than a dumb timer that goes on and off at different times of day, whether it needs to or not.

Pooled Energy Smart Meter App Consumption Screenshot Pooled Energy Smart Meter App Monitor Screenshot
Pooled Energy’s Australian smart meter app tracks power consumption, temperature, weather and pool operations (among other things).

The potential for an Australian Smart Grid

Multiple smart meters can be part of what is known as a smart grid. With Australian electricity supply representing a surprisingly unstable industry, knowing precisely how much electricity is required, where it’s needed and when – at potentially up-to-the-minute intervals – means that more-efficient and reliable delivery is achieved. This brings costs down and helps prevent significant wastage at times of oversupply. With there being 1.4 million swimming pools in Australia, the benefits of having all of their power managed intelligently would be enough to take an entire coal-fired power station offline!

If you’d like to save money on electricity costs and make owning a pool an all-round, more-pleasant experience, get in touch with Pooled Energy now.