Commercial Swimming Pools

Commercial and Public Pools have stricter requirements for cleanliness and sanitation than residential and shared pools. Pools treating the elderly or entertaining the young are especially at risk. The traditional approach to these pools was to overdose and over-filter them to be on the safe side, but this approach still often produced stinging eyes, chlorine smells and water clarify and sanitation that were not what they could be. Moreover this approach used large quantities of costly energy and chemicals which together with increasing testing, recording and compliance requirements, has made many commercial pools very expensive and sometimes not viable. The storage of large quantities of chemicals in hotels has led to accidents and available staff often do not have the skills to adequately manage commercial pools.

Pooled Energy will offer commercial pool owners and operators a highly automated, intelligent system that substantially reduces energy consumption and cost, reduces chemical requirements while automatically dispensing those chemicals that are required to give cleaner, safer and more comfortable water. All this is achieved using new technology, electronic sensing, logging and computer control. Please contact us from January 2018 when this service is expected to be available.