Discover Pooled Energy’s revolutionary pool automation technology.

Beautifully clean, healthy water. Saves substantial energy, chemicals and time.



The Pooled Energy solution:

• Automates your pool
• Greatly reduces pool electricity
• Manages the equipment & chemicals
• Provides cleaner, healthier water
• Gives you more leisure time
• Often eliminates the ‘pool guy’
• Managed Online via the Internet

And it’s just $330 up front to setup, plus chemicals.



We provide you ongoing savings, instead of discounts. Pooled Energy is a unique Electricity Retailer providing a bundled service of electricity, pool automation and energy management.

Pools are managed individually for energy and superb water, and in groups to minimise load on the Grid.

Savings up to 21% of your total household electricity in the average house.



With unmatched customer satisfaction, Pooled Energy provides a much better pool experience, more leisure and helps the environment by substantially reducing your energy needs and carbon footprint.

Please see our customer testimonials and how our ongoing research and development can benefit you.

Our Advanced Water Chemistry minimises the use of chemicals, produces healthier, visibly cleaner water and eliminates the need to add pool acid in most pools. Don’t fiddle with test kits and chemicals any more!

Get this great bundle of energy and automation

Set up, includes supply and installation of:

  • Electronic water-quality and power-usage Sensors
  • Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC)*
  • Variable speed filter pumping
  • Telecommunication link to base (via your Wifi)**
  • Advanced Water Chemistry

Plus ongoing supply of:

  • Household electricity
  • Online Pool Operation, Water Quality and Energy Management
  • Chemicals as needed

Adding sensors, automatic chemical management and computer based automation to pool filtration circuits can easily cost over $5,000 and is not needed with Pooled Energy.

The Offer

Set up fee


+ Management fee

$67 /mth

+ Chemicals

+ Household electricity

Usage /mth


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