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Pooled Energy Savings Calculator – Assumptions and Calculations

Disclaimer: Indicated savings are not a guarantee but based on estimates for average pool owners and systems. Individual circumstances apply and savings opportunities will need to be assessed during a site inspection.

Energy cost savings are based on anytime tariff and assumptions that may not apply to you. Each swimming pool and house and energy usage and cost is unique.


Substantial energy savings achieved by optimizing when the system runs on full power, or lower power, and minimizing the time used.

We commence with an assumptions for a typical Sydney home annual electricity usage kWh without a pool(1).

Small – 4,000, Medium 6,500, Large 11,000.

We then add a typical “simple” pool set up of 45,000 litres with a 1,250 Watt filter pump and a 200 Watt chlorinator.

We assume running the filter and chlorinator 10 hours per day for 250 days in summer, running the filter and chlorinator 5 hours per day for 115 days in winter. This results in 4,459 kWh per annum electricity usage for the pool.

Additional pool equipment such as solar or spa heaters, sweep pumps or other equipment will vary these results. The presence of Solar panels or Battery storage may also impact these results.

Pooled Energy sensing and automation systems often achieves 72% energy reduction in filter electricity usage, however this will vary with the pool, the installed plumbing and other factors. Similarly the chlorinator running time is expected to be reduced to 46% due to the improved chemistry, sensor-based operation and proprietary sanitation control algorithms.

We then combine the pool electricity usages to the averages of the remainder of the household usage for different amounts of household consumptions. The actual dollar cost savings achieved through a household will depend on which tariff rates the customer is on and peak/off peak demand. The estimated savings are based on a simple energy reduction calculation and average tariff(2).

Before Pooled Energy
Qtr Bill(2)
Pool %
With Pooled Energy
Qtr Bill(2)
Qtr Bill(2)

Chemical Savings

Savings are based on Pooled Energy estimates(3).

Chlorine Pool savings are based on moving from a liquid chlorine (bleach) pool to an Advanced Water Chemistry (AWC) salt pool and eliminating or significantly reducing liquid chlorine costs, acid, stabiliser and buffer, replacing these with Salt and AWC chemicals and operating AWC algorithms.

Chlorine “before” costs assume $570 annual costs and a saving of 70% or $307 consequent on a move to AWC.

Salt Pool savings on the non-chlorine components are based on moving to AWC and eliminating or significantly reducing acid, stabilizer and buffer costs. Salt “before” costs assume $240 annual costs and a saving of 30% or $72 to move to AWC.

Note that reduction in acid demand will depend on age of pool as many new pools are particularly alkaline initially, however even new pools will need less acid with Pooled Energy AWC and control algorithms.


With Pooled Energy most regular tasks have been eliminated, checking water quality with test kits, driving up to the pool shop for testing, chemicals or advice, setting time clocks and putting in chemicals. We will even save your time backwashing as we will advise you only if, and when, you need to backwash. The basic tasks left to the pool owner will be clearing skimmers of leaves, some brushing and topping up salt or backwashing when requested by Pooled Energy.

Pooled Energy estimate(3) is that there will be a saving of up to 90% on total time spent maintaining your pool, however this will also depend on leaf load and weather.

Pool Labour Costs

This is a Pooled Energy estimate(3) for costs for a pool service company to attend the pool, rates will vary.

Fortnightly Costs assumed during swimming season is $1,200 which is based on $75 per visit for 6 months, and once a month for winter.
Monthly Costs assumed is $600 which is based on 8 visits at $75 per visit.
Rarely has been valued at $200 based on 2 to 3 visits at $75 per visit.

Temperamental Pool

This is a Pooled Energy estimate(3) that assumes a cost of $220 for a pool technician to attend site up to 2 times and dispense additional chemicals, assumption does not include additional maintenance time to sweep the pool, or additional filtering run times, nor the impact on amenity or disappointment for family unable to use the pool.


1. Source: Pooled Energy Estimate, compares with NSW average of 5,936 kWh inclusive of apartments and detached housing, source AEMC 2016 Residential Electricity Price Trends.

2. Bill rates used are average Cost of NSW Electricity per, escalated by 20% for 1 July 2017 increases.

3. Pooled Energy estimate will be based on customer feedback and collective industry experience of the team.


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