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Offers and Energy Price Fact Sheets

When you are a Pooled Energy customer, Pooled Energy is the electricity retailer for your home, including your swimming pool. We will only sign you on as a new customer […]

Direct Debit

Make your life easier by signing onto Direct Debit for your monthly Electricity and Pool Services bills. Your Electricity and Pool Services bills are issued generally in the first week […]

Why is my electricity bill so high over summer?

Why is my electricity bill so high over summer? We are all worried about energy bills and you may have had a larger summer electricity bill than typical. This may […]

Your Bills

Pooled Energy will send you monthly bills (electronically by email) for both your Electricity usage and Pool Services in a single, bundled bill.   Electricity We bill you monthly based on […]

Electricity and Pool Pricing Fact Sheet

Your Electricity and pool services fees charges are detailed within our Electricity and Pool Price Fact sheets. Your bill will contain charges for both electricity and pool services: Residential Price […]