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When you are a Pooled Energy customer, Pooled Energy is the electricity retailer for your home, including your swimming pool. We will only sign you on as a new customer if you have a pool.

Pooled Energy supplies a bundle of electricity, pool equipment and pool services to new customers. We combine our electricity retail services with our new pool automation technology to give you a continuously monitored pool so that you will have more leisure time and significant energy, environmental and cost savings.

Once you agree to our Contract we will organise the transfer of electricity from your current electricity retailer to Pooled Energy.

NSW Energy & Pool Plans

Pooled Energy offers:

  • Electricity & Pool Plan (Market Offer for all new customers – a bundle of electricity and pool services)
  • Electricity Plan only (Standing Offer for existing customers who cancel their pool services only)


Your Electricity and pool services fees charges are detailed on our Electricity and Pool Price Fact sheets. Your bill will contain charges for both electricity and pool services:

Energy Price Fact Sheets – Effective 1st June 2018

Please note: our Energy Price Fact Sheets have been updated to reflect an improvement in the solar feed in tariff paid by Pooled Energy. The solar feed in tariff is the rate paid for electricity your solar PV system feeds into the grid.

Market Offer Ausgrid Region

 Market Offer Endeavour Region


Standing offers are for customers who cancel their pool services and are not generally available.

Pricing Effective 1 August 2017

Additional Fees and Charges are levied as appropriate.

Contact us for more information to find out more about our plans and pricing.

Please note that Pooled Energy does not offer gas, so if you have both gas and electricity at your property, you will need to retain your gas contract with your current supplier.

You may be eligible for an energy concession or rebate. For more information, click here.

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