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What is the Price of Pooled Energy’s Electricity?

 Pooled Energy’s Electricity prices depend on:- The type of meter you have and the tariff you have selected:- Time-of-Use (which varies with peak, shoulder and of-peak times), or Anytime (which […]

Reading your Ausgrid accumulation meter

Source: Ausgrid webpage “Reading your own meter” Your electricity meter keeps track of how much electricity you use in kilowatt hours (kWh). Most residential and some business electricity meters are […]

Will the price of Electricity change?

The price of electricity is made up of network (poles and wires) charges, energy costs, retail costs, Government charges for the subsidy of renewable energy and some other factors, and […]

Reading your Ausgrid interval meter

How to read a digital display The newest accumulation meters have a digital display that is also easy to read.  Simply write down the digits displayed.  This meter shows consumption […]