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Offers and Energy Price Fact Sheets

When you are a Pooled Energy customer, Pooled Energy is the electricity retailer for your home, including your swimming pool. We will only sign you on as a new customer […]

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What is the Price of Pooled Energy’s Electricity?

 Pooled Energy’s Electricity prices depend on:- The type of meter you have and the tariff you have selected:- Time-of-Use (which varies with peak, shoulder and of-peak times), or Anytime (which […]

Reading your Ausgrid accumulation meter

Source: Ausgrid webpage “Reading your own meter” Your electricity meter keeps track of how much electricity you use in kilowatt hours (kWh). Most residential and some business electricity meters are […]

Reading your Ausgrid interval meter

How to read a digital display The newest accumulation meters have a digital display that is also easy to read.  Simply write down the digits displayed.  This meter shows consumption […]