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Timeframes for Electricity Meter Connections

Timeframes for electricity meter connections for customers located in NSW/ACT, SA or QLD 1. Where a New Connection1 Service required By a date agreed to by the customer and Pooled […]

What is Power of Choice?

Power of Choice is a government-led initiative to give consumers more opportunities to make more informed choices about the way they use electricity. This initiative aligns with Pooled Energy’s belief […]

Why install a “Power of Choice” smart communications meter?

Currently there is no cost to Pooled Energy customers for the standard installation of a new smart communications meter.  It is simply an up-to-date meter that can be read wirelessly.  […]

Where can I find out more about Power of Choice?

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and the Australian Energy Market Commission (which sets the rules that govern the electricity and natural gas markets) both offer information on ‘Power of […]

If Pooled Energy offers to install a smart meter for me – can I opt out?

Pooled Energy customers can opt out of installing a smart communications meter if Pooled Energy contacts you to install one however, if your current meter needs to be replaced for […]

Will having a smart meter affect my rights as a customer?

Your customer rights and protections remain the same. Pooled Energy customers will continue to have access to energy rebates, hardship programs, payment plans, and other protection measures. The strong customer […]

A site defect has been identified at my property during the installation of my smart communications meter. What do I do next?

All wiring issues in relation to the circuitry in the home, the switchboard and the meter box are the responsibility of the homeowner. If a site defect has been discovered […]