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Source: Ausgrid webpage "Reading your own meter"

Your electricity meter keeps track of how much electricity you use in kilowatt hours (kWh). Most residential and some business electricity meters are manually read once a quarter by a professional meter reader, however some business electricity meters are read monthly. You can read your own electricity meter to find out how much electricity you have used by following the steps relevant to your type of meter as outlined below.

The majority of homes in Ausgrid’s network area have traditional electromechanical meters, with 5 dials (like clock faces). The remainder have cyclometer or digital displays that are more straightforward to read.

How to read a dial display

Dial meters have between 4 and 6 dials that alternately move clockwise and anti-clockwise.  

Dial meter

Dial display


Steps to reading your Dial Meter

  • 1. To read the display, stand directly in front of the meter so you can clearly see the hands on all dials.
  • 2. Start with the clock that is furthest on the right and write down each number.  If the hand points in between two numbers, write down the lowest number (note – write down 9 if the hand points between 9 and 0).
  • 3. Do the same with the next dial as you move to the left (ignore any red dials)
  • The meter dials below show consumption of 46,925.

Dial meter

Reading the dials.


How to read a cyclometer display

A cyclometer display is easy to read and is similar to the odometer in your car. Simply write down the six digits displayed. This meter shows consumption of 25,030 kWh.

Odometer meter

Cyclometer display.