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How to read a digital display

The newest accumulation meters have a digital display that is also easy to read.  Simply write down the digits displayed.  This meter shows consumption of 94 kWh.

Digital display

Digital Display


How to read the digital display on an interval and smart meter

Interval and smart meters displays show you the total amount of electricity you use for each tariff on the meter, such as domestic load, Off Peak Hot Water or Solar Generation. Details of the different tariff registers displayed on the electronic display of the meter can be found in Section 2.4.2 of ES3.

Ausgrid programs its interval meters to automatically cycle through the available displays every 6-8 seconds. You can press the button (if available) to more quickly move through the meters display.

Interval meters always display the date and time before cycling through to other displays. (Note that the time is always in Eastern Standard Time, as this is required by National Electricity Rules). After the date and time, the first display is always the total kWh.

1 Date display(27/8/2014) Reading your meter date display

2 Time
Reading your meter time display
3 Total kWh 
Reading your meter KwH display