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 Pooled Energy’s Electricity prices depend on:-

  • The type of meter you have and the tariff you have selected:- Time-of-Use (which varies with peak, shoulder and of-peak times), or Anytime (which is the same price during the day), and,
  • The Electricity Distributor in your area:- AUSGRID, Endeavour or Essential in NSW.

Details of our pricing are summarised in our Fact Sheets for Electricity and Pool Services available from the web-site.

If you have a Time-of-Use or Smart meter, you can select any type of tariff.  If you have an older style spinning disk meter, you can only select Anytime tariffs.

Pooled Energy customers are currently being offered a free, standard Smart Meter.

In general, our pricing is the average of the un-discounted market prices of the 3 major Retailers in NSW: Origin, Energy Australia and AGL.  They may give you a temporary discount, but, Pooled Energy will give you a permanent savings in energy use, chemicals use and support costs and time.