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Solar Optimisation: Getting the best out of PV Panels

Government Feed-In Tariff If you have PV panels in NSW, you will no longer receive a feed-in tariff from the Government after 31 December, 2016. By now (2018), you should […]

Pooled Energy and Home Storage Batteries

Your Pooled Energy system is Battery Ready and is designed to integrate with both Home Storage Systems and Grid Storage Systems. A Pooled Energy system can integrate with batteries, and […]

How specifically does Pooled Energy help the electricity grid?

Pooled Energy helps by managing the collective energy demand of swimming pools in such a way as to off-load the Grid and the Electricity Generating Fleet (Power stations) during peak […]

How do I match the output of my PV panels to the Instantaneous Power Demand in my house

The perfect ‘size’ for your PV panels is when their output matches the instantaneous power demand of your house.  If you could achieve this, you would use all the energy […]

What happens if I want to add solar PV panels for my roof during the life of my contract with you?

No problem. You may not add other suppliers of retail electricity under our contract with you, but you may add PV panels, fuel cells, wind generators, or storage batteries, but […]

How big are my energy savings with Pooled Energy?

All pools are different and we will try to estimate your individual savings at the time we inspect your pool and make a detailed offer. Typically, the pool represents about […]

Sizing Home Storage Batteries

If you have a home with a swimming pool, your annual electricity consumption is likely to be in the range of 10-20 MW per year, or between 27 and 55 […]

What is the Difference between Power and Energy?

There is a lot of misleading talk about electricity consumption and it is important to understand how it is described. The media tends to focus on Energy, which is a […]

I Really Want to do Something about Energy/Cost Conservaion. What can I do?

If you have a swimming pool, the fastest and largest environment return at the lowest cost is probably a Pooled Energy System.  As a homeowner, you have four basic choices […]

Can you quantify the value of Pooled Energy to the environment?

If Pooled Energy achieves its current sales targets by 2025, it expects:- To save enough power across its aggregated pools equivalent to the retirement of coal-fired power station from the […]

What is the Difference between Energy Management and Cost (tariff) Minimisation?

Energy Management is the actual management of real energy use. Energy has to be generated, distributed, stored if possible, stabilised to remove as many peaks and troughs in demand as […]

Very High Energy Use over Summer?

Why is my electricity bill so high over summer? We are all worried about energy bills and you may have had a larger summer electricity bill than typical. This may […]

How much Carbon should I save a year using Pooled Energy?

Every pool varies, but savings are up about 20 tonnes of CO2 over 5 years. If every one of the 1.4 million pool owners in Australia switched to Pooled Energy, […]

Should we be trying to get off the electricity grid?

Unless you live on a remote, country property, the simple answer is No!  Love it or not, the Grid is both indispensable and inevitable for the foreseeable future. The Electricity […]