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All pools are different and we will try to estimate your individual savings at the time we inspect your pool and make a detailed offer. Typically, the pool represents about 40% of the electricity consumption of the entire average household with the average pool. We will substantially reduce this in almost every case, often to about 10% of the total household energy use.. The exact amount depend on the pool and its equipment. There are additional savings in chemicals, maintenance and labour as well and almost all Pooled Energy pools are expected to rapidly pay for themselves. The up-front cost is only $330 as part of a managed service which also produces a much better looking, healthier pool with much less hassle.

On aggregate, if we achieve our sales targets, we expect the pools managed by Pooled Energy to save enough energy collectively to enable the retirement of a coal-fired thermal generator from the Grid within 10 years and pass the savings to you as a pool owner.

If this occurs, it will be one of the best results in energy conservation in Australian history.