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If you have a swimming pool, the fastest and largest environment return at the lowest cost is probably a Pooled Energy System. 

As a homeowner, you have four basic choices to lower costs and help the environment:-

Improve Efficiency.    For example: replace energy inefficient devices with more efficient ones, for example, replace incandescent lamps with LEDs;

      Generate Electricity.  For example: install solar PV panels to generate electricity;

      Transfer Stored Energy to Peak Times.  For example: install batteries for home storage of solar power or off-peak energy and transfer that energy to peak times; or

     Effectively Do all of the above in a bundle.  For example: use Pooled Energy if you have a pool.

All of these choices, apart from Pooled Energy, take significant time to recover the cost of the investment. With the state of the technology at the time of writing, the times in ascending order, are:-

  • Pooled Energy:  pay-back time – 0 yearsYour pool is typically about 40% of your household electricity before Pooled Energy and about 10%, afterwards. So, this is probably the largest improvement you can make and the one that pays back the fastest. You will start saving as soon as the pool equipment is installed and operating as there are no net up-front cost (other than chemicals or repairs you may need).
  • LED Lights: pay-back time – about 2 years
  • Solar PV panels: pay-back time – about 8 years
  • Storage Batteries: pay-back time – never (currently). Batteries are currently not cost effective in urban settings. At current pricing, they cost (considerably) more to install, operate and maintain than buying power from the Grid.

Your Pooled Energy system will provide substantial savings in energy, chemicals maintenance and time looking after your pool, while giving you a better, cleaner, healthier, automatic pool.