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There is a lot of misleading talk about electricity consumption and it is important to understand how it is described.The media tends to focus on Energy, which is a bit like talking about averages.  It does not tell you about the maximum and minimum uses.  The average house with pool consumes about 12MW (megawatts) of energy a year.  Of course, this is not the same every day or at various times of the day.  To understand what that is, you need to look at the Power consumption.  Power is what you use at any one instant.  Energy is the total of what you use over time.   The electricity grid (with help from batteries and solar) must deliver the Power demand at any one time, or the lights go out.Saying that your solar panels generate 2 MW a year is a good thing but it does not mean that you are getting 2 MW of value.   Most people are at work when the sun is shining and not using much power, and so that power is exported to the Grid.  At night, you have to use either stored power or get it from the Grid. Power is measured in kilowatts (KW) and is the instantaneous demand for electricity.  this is what we use. For example, a small heater will typically consume 2.o KW, an over 4.5-8 KW, air conditioning 2-8 kW and LED lamps, 10 watts (0.01KW). Energy is the total of Power over time and the usual unit is Kilowatt Hours (KWh).  The heater will use 2.0 KWh in one hour, 57.6KWh in a day and 21 MWh (megawatt hours) in a year.  A typical Pooled Energy customer uses 10-20MWh a year total for both pool and house.