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Commercial Pools

There are large potential cost and operational savings for swim schools and commercial pools. Commercial and Public Pools have stricter requirements for cleanliness and sanitation than residential and shared pools. […]

Sandstone/Travertine/Marble Ledges and Copings

Some types of stone can suffer from weathering from the (sodium) salt water used with electrolytic chlorination, as the salt forms crystals as it dries.  These crystals form inside the […]

What is the NSW Swimming Pool Register and do I need to register?

The NSW Government has a swimming pool register and all pool owners must register or they may be fined. In order to be able to sell or lease your property, […]

How does the surface finish of the pool affect water chemistry?

Different surfaces react differently to pool water and it is important for your control system to react correctly to it.  The best solution is to allow the pool surface to […]

What rules cover the operations of Pooled Energy?

Pooled Energy is an Authorised Electricity Retailer operating under the National Electricity Retail Laws, just like other Electricity Retailers.  Our major differences are that we are technology based and only […]