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I have just bought a new pool pump/other equipment. Why should I change to Pooled Energy now?

Pooled Energy’s offers is to automate your entire pool system by overlaying sophisticated sensors and computer controls on your existing equipment. If you already have good-quality equipment, such as a […]

Installation and Handover Manual

Please see the Installation and Handover Manual for Release 3 system (from January 2018) Download Pooled Energy Installation and Operations Manual Release 3

What happens to my existing pool equipment?

If you have a good quality operational system, the equipment will generally remain, largely untouched. We will install and operate a sensor and control layer over the top of  your […]

Should my home C-bus connect to Pooled Energy’s system?

In general, there is no reason to connect a C-bus to a Pooled Energy System. The Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) can be controlled via our Pool App running […]

What if I want to add more equipment to my pool?

You are welcome to add supplementary equipment to your pool but you have to talk to us about such equipment beforehand to ensure that it is compatible and correctly integrated […]