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Pooled Energy’s offers is to automate your entire pool system by overlaying sophisticated sensors and computer controls on your existing equipment.

If you already have good-quality equipment, such as a good pump, we keep it and enhance it by upgrading it to a true, variable-speed drive.  If it is old and inefficient, we may recommend that you
replace it.  Each case is different.

In our experience, a Pooled Energy system provides a substantial reduction in electricity (and chemical) consumption. These are real-world physical savings (often about 30% of total household electricity consumption), and contrast with discounts on electricity that some Electricity Retailers may offer.  You also get healthier, more reliable, higher quality water.

Pooled Energy does not use financial engineering but rather real engineering.  It has spent some $30M and many years developing this unique technology to benefit you, your pool and the environment. Your energy consumption, your chemicals, the effort in maintaining your pool, and your carbon footprint will decrease on an apples for apples comparison, and on a continuing basis.