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When connecting any device to your home network, it is important that that it will not impact the security integrity of your network .

We take information security very seriously at Pooled Energy. While the amount of data traffic used by the Pooled Energy system is quite small, maintaining information security integrity is vital.

Significant development effort has gone into securing communications with the Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) located at your home using the latest information systems security technology and best practices.  Security features include:

  • All data traffic to and from the Pooled Energy IPC occurs via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with an individual, unique Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate for each Pooled Energy customer.  Data traffic is highly encrypted end-to-end to prevent it being intercepted or manipulated by a third party.
  • The Pooled Energy IPC communicates to its sub-devices via its own private local WiFi network (which also allows you to connect your Pooled Energy system to your home network via the App without The involvement of a Pooled Energy technician).  This is secured by an encrypted WPA-PSK password unique to each individual IPC.
  • A software firewall on all IPC network adapters locks down network ports and limits data traffic to only that required by the Pooled Energy application.
  • Pooled Energy App passwords are entered and maintained by our customers – Pooled Energy cannot ever view these passwords as they are encrypted by a one-way encryption algorithm before being stored in the database.

In the context of internet connected devices, the Pooled Energy IPC has intrinsic security benefits which set it apart compared with other “smart devices” such as your TV, fridge, or even your phone:

  • There is no camera/microphone viewing or listening in on you as there can be on a TV or computer or phone.
  • The IPC is a closed eco-system.  The only software which exists on the IPC is intended specifically for the application of managing your pool system.

We  also strongly recommend that homeowners take general and reasonable security precautions for their home network.  All devices (especially Microsoft Windows PCs, Apple Macs, and smartphones) should be regularly updated to the latest operating system versions, firewalls enabled, and preferably with up-to-date, reliable antivirus/anti-malware software installed as well.

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