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Our expert plumbers will be happy to address any plumbing issues, leaks or defective equipment at the time we install your Pooled Energy system. Energy consumption can be reduced by well-designed plumbing systems, and we will be happy to provide a competitive quote for any plumbing work.

At the time of installation, we may need to make alterations to the existing pool plumbing to meet water and sewerage standards, or repair damage. If so we will provide a competitive quote for
your approval.

Many pools have sub-standard plumbing with undersized pipes and many energy-sapping bends.  If you want to know if your plumbing is efficient for water flow and therefore minimal electricity use, imagine that you are driving a miniature car through the plumbing.  Straight roads with sweeping bends work really well, while narrow roads and many hairpin bends will take longer to
negotiate and use more energy.  Water works the same way and bad plumbing can cost you hundreds of dollars a year, every year, in pushing water uselessly against bends and narrow pipes.

If your existing circulation is poor then we suggest you have us improve it at the time of system installation. Often you can recover the cost of increasing the pipe size and removing extra bends and pretzel configurations in just the first year of improved operations.