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You will need to provide:-

  1. Ready Access


  1. Adequate Power Points on circuits with Safety Switches (RCDs).

We are very concerned to ensure that you have a safe electrical environment in your home.

Most modern houses already have RCDs (Residual Current Detectors or Earth Leakage Circuit-Breakers) typically called Safety Switches installed.  These are normally located in the main household electricity “fuse-box” where the electricity supply is connected for distribution through your house.  RCD’s are an essential safety requirement for every house (and pool) and not just houses with Pooled Energy pools.  RCD’s are designed to achieve electrical safety for all of the appliances and electrical wiring in your home to protect you and your family and your home from electrical faults. Typically the installation cost of an RCD is small especially compared to the consequences of an electrical fault.

Please understand that we will not apply power to your Pooled Energy system until Safety Switches are operational.  This is for your safety.

All electric equipment must also be connected to adequately rated power points which are wired in accordance with electricity standards.  We cannot connect our system to extension leads.

If you are unsure whether your house electricity system is suitable please contact us.

If you do not have a suitable electrician to perform any work to address items such as installation of RCD’s, we can supply contact numbers of authorised electricians.

  1. Sewer Connection.

It is a legal requirement that backwash water from swimming pool filters is drained to the sewer. If you have an existing sand filter, the sewer connection should already be there. If not, we will offer to install one for you (at extra cost), or you may choose to organise the installation yourself.

  1. Supplementary Pool (Muriatic) Acid (if you have a new or chemically active surface) :

 The pH of pool water must be managed within a range to allow the sanitation chemistry to work. In conventional chlorine pools, this usually requires the regular and preferably automated addition of pool acid (also called hydrochloric or muriatic acid). Due to the use of Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry, which can operate in a wider range of pH than conventional chemistry, most Pooled Energy pools will not require acid addition to operate reliably.

However, some pool surfaces, such as Marblesheen, Quartzon and Pebblecrete are very chemically active, especially when new.  Even with Pooled Energy, these may need the management of pool water pH with pool acid for at least the first few years (and sometimes longer) after they are installed.

This can be achieved by periodic manual dosing using the pH reading shown on the Pool App or an automatic acid dispenser may be optionally installed to manage the pH automatically from an acid container which will require only occasional replenishment.

  1. Salt for Salt Water Pools

 Most Australian pools use salt water chlorinators to make chlorine for sanitation.  If you have a saltwater chlorinated pool, it is your responsibility to add salt when your Pool App shows the salt level reading is below 3,500 ppm, or if we ask you.  We will supply and add salt for an extra fee if you wish, but most customers prefer to add the occasional bag or few, themselves from an inexpensive source such as local hardware stores.

Note that it very important that the salt water chlorinator is in good operating condition and working correctly otherwise the pool will be unable to maintain its sanitation level.

  1. Liquid Chlorine for Liquid Chlorine Pools

 If you have selected liquid chlorine as the sanitiser, you will need to replenish the liquid chlorine levels in the container periodically and ensure that it does not run out. (Note:- Most Pooled Energy pools are salt chlorinated).In summer liquid chlorine consumption can be significant so replenishment will be frequent. We recommend purchase of liquid chlorine from locations that sell high volumes of liquid chlorine because the shelf life is typically only a few months.

You may purchase an optional liquid chlorine flow sensor from Pooled Energy which we will install and which will advise you via the Pool App when the liquid chlorine container has emptied (&/or the liquid chlorine pump system has failed). Some customers find this more convenient.

 Acid and Liquid chlorine must NOT be allowed to run out as the pool can turn green in just one hot, sunny day without sanitisation.  Salt can normally be added with less urgency.

Irrespective of the exact nature of your pool and the individual offer we make, all Pooled Energy managed pools are fitted with special sensors and controls and become
highly automated. They sense and respond to:

· the amount of swimming activity;
· the chemistry of the water;
· the time-of-day;
· the time-of year;
· the current and forecast weather
· the cost of energy; and
· certain technical aspects of the Electricity Grid. 

 The Pooled Energy system optimises the operation, water quality, energy use and operating cost of your pool.  It also assists the Electricity Grid in improving its stability and potentially lowering its cost and potentially the overall cost of electricity.