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The Pooled Energy Installation process:

  1. Cooling off period finishes
  2. Installation manager reviews your pool
  3. Your installation is booked
    1. Our installation team will contact you
    2. Requirements from you before we can book your installation
      1. Enough salt in the pool
      2. WiFi details left for the Pooled Energy technician
      3. Access to the pool and equipment made available
  4. The installation takes place in 3 stages (4 hours on average)
    1. Plumbing
    2. Chemical (same day as plumbing)
    3. Electrical (can require an additional visit)
  5. After your installation is complete, your Pooled Energy application details are sent within 1-2 business days
  6. Our service team monitor your site for 5 business days
  7. Our sales team will call you to book in a pool demonstration
    1. We aim to book this within 6 business days after installation
  8. Pool demonstration takes place