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Types and Benefits of Pool Sweeps

The Pooled Energy system will control your existing, third-party pool sweep. You are welcome and indeed, encouraged, to keep your current pool sweep or purchase one as it makes the pool […]

What times of day should I run the various types of heaters?

If you have an ‘Anytime’ electricity tariff where the charges are the same all day, then it does not matter, except that you will generally get the best result with […]

How do I backwash my System?

We use flow meters to continually monitor the flow of water through your system so that we can determine when the filter requires backwashing and advise you If your system […]

Pool Sweeps and Pool Cleaning

Leaves should be removed promptly, including from the pool sweep leaf bag. Decaying leaves release phosphates that can lead to algae blooms and then need expensive chemical treatment, including phosphate […]

How do I override the system manually?

You can override the automatic system using either the Pool App which is self-explanatory or, if you have Manual Buttons on the Intelligent Pool Controller Cabinet, you can do the […]