How can we help you today?

We use flow meters to continually monitor the flow of water through your system so that we can determine when the filter requires backwashing and advise you

If your system is not fitted with an automatic backwash system, we will alert you via a text or email message that backwashing of the filter is required. When this happens, please go to the filter and take a Smartphone or Tablet with the Pool App on it. It will guide you through the Backwash Process.

Please backwash within 1 week of being asked.

The process is typically as follows:

Using the Pool App

  2. Select GUIDED BACKWASH and follow the instructions

Note: If there is a secondary valve in your backwash line, open it before you begin and close it after you are finished

Thank you. Enjoy your pool.


This process is normally required every 4-6 weeks during the swimming season…and less frequently in winter. Alternately we can offer to install an automated backwash facility for a standard sand filter at an additional fee.

Please do not backwash more often than we ask.  Contrary to popular opinion, backwashing the filter too often does not improve its filtering ability, but makes it worse.  There are two reasons:- 

  • Firstly, each backwash degrades the sand converting the sharp edged grains that catch dirt well, into tiny rounded spheres that do not.  You will destroy your filter media quickly if you do this and you will then be wasting energy, water and chemicals.
  • Secondly, filters actually clean better when they are slightly to moderately dirty as  the spaces between the grains of filter media become
    narrower and filter finer.
  • Backwashing very 4-6 weeks in summer is usually all that is required.

If you backwash manually, please rinse for a full minute, afterwards. This is important for keeping the downstream water quality sensors clean.

Please note that the pressure shown on the filter pressure gauge will usually be much lower than what you have been used to prior to the installation of the Pooled Energy system. This is due to variable speed pumping.