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and we do so at competitive prices.   We would be happy to advise you as to the best type of cleaner for you.

If you would like to add a pressure-side pool sweep to your pool, we will supply and install a suitable one for you, but it will be at extra cost. A good time to install such a sweep is when we are installing your Pooled Energy system. We will also supply and control the associated pump.

Please note that pressure-side pool sweeps require a penetration in the side of the pool for the pipe carrying the water to power the sweep. Subject to physical access, including to the side of the
pool, such pipes are easily and relatively inexpensively installed.

Pooled Energy recommends Jet-Vac or Polaris for pressure-side cleaning.  Pressure -side cleaners are the most versatile, easy to handle and can be left unattended in the pool for longish periods. These are controlled by the Pooled Energy system.

Robots do not need any penetrations and are powered via a low-voltage cable. Pooled Energy supplies a commercial grade robot, the iRoboter, and can provide other types as well. Robots are normally manually operated and should be removed from the pool between uses and kept out of the sun.

Pooled Energy does not recommend any suction-side cleaners due to the a variety of problems with them, described elsewhere in these FAQs.

If you purchase a pool sweep or robot from Pooled Energy, we will pass on the normal product warranties, typically 2 years.