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Pooled Energy is an automatic system that can operate at any time. If the pool sweep does happen to start when you are cleaning it, or you have it out of the water, both you and it could be injured.  You should use the Pool App. to turn the pool sweep off before handling it or removing it from the water.  If you have a suction cleaner, please turn the filter off

Please check the Pool Sweep regularly to see if it needs cleaning and follow the process recommended by the manufacturer.

If you remove the pool sweep from the water for any reason, you must first switch it off using your Pool App.  Please remember to turn it on again, once you have finished.

As a tip, if you take the pool sweep out of the water, we suggest you aim it so that if it starts, it will ‘walk’ into the water rather than walk into the pool fence and stay on the pool surrounds spraying water everywhere.