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Manual Operations

To empty, set the valve on top of the Filter to WASTE or BACKWASH.  This will release water via the pool filter.  If the pool equipment is above the water level, you will need to run the filter pump manually using the Pool App.  This is described in more detail in the Operations section.


Automatic Filling and Emptying

There are optional products available from Pooled Energy which allow you to automatically add mains water to the pool or else, empty it, using the Pool App for control. You do not need to go to the pool and adjust valves.  Please note that automated ‘fill’ control requires mains water to be permanently connected to the system.

If you already have an automatic filling/emptying system in the pool, such as a water witch, it should work with the Pooled Energy system without problems. You should be aware that these systems typically dilute the chemicals in the pool at a faster rate than pools without them. This can result in higher chemical consumption and associated costs.