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Complete pool care guide for First-Time pool owners

This guide is intended for first time owners of swimming pools which are managed by Pooled Energy. Some but not all of it is applicable to conventional, un-managed swimming pools. […]

What about my existing pool plumbing?

Our expert plumbers will be happy to address any plumbing issues, leaks or defective equipment at the time we install your Pooled Energy system. Energy consumption can be reduced by well-designed […]

What do I do if there are Pool Equipment or System Faults?

  The Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) is highly reliable but if there is a problem with it, we will usually be aware of it before you are, and will remedy […]

Why does the system run for short periods during the day?

 Pooled Energy monitors water chemistry at the output of the filter continually, every 2 minutes when the filter is running.  When the system is not filtering, you may see the […]