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What times of day should I run the various types of heaters?

If you have an ‘Anytime’ electricity tariff where the charges are the same all day, then it does not matter, except that you will generally get the best result with […]

Sizing a New heater for your Pool and other Considerations

Sizing a Heater And Other Considerations Heating a pool quickly is more efficient than heating it slowly, because of the heat losses. If it takes 8 hours to heat a pool, […]

How does the Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) manage heaters?

With all types of heater, the IPC can switch the heater on at the times you have requested and synchronise its operation with the other pieces of pool equipment (There […]

Considerations in getting a Roof-top Solar Pool Heater?

The main thing with a solar roof-heater is that it has an area about the same as the surface area of the pool…and faces the sun. Please see the other FAQs […]

How much Pool Heating will I get from my solar Pool Heating System?

  Our general experience is that solar heaters tend to boost pool temperatures by about 2-3°C and they do extend the swimming season. It is important to understand that the […]