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What times of day should I run pool heaters?

If you have an ‘Anytime’ electricity tariff where the charges are the same all day, then it does not matter when you run your gas or electric heater, except that […]

Sizing a new heater for your Pool

Sizing a Heater And Other Considerations Heating a pool quickly is more efficient than heating it slowly, because of the heat losses. If it takes 8 hours to heat a pool, […]

How does the Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) manage heaters in general?

Heaters Connecting Solar, Gas and Electric pool heaters We recommend that you ask us to connect any new pool heater to the Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC). This will […]

What are the relative performances of Solar, Gas, Electric Pool Heaters?

In pool heaters, size and type matter a great deal. Solar Our experience with many installations is that solar heaters can generally heat a pool by 2-3 degrees Celsius on […]

Considerations in purchasing a Roof-top Solar Pool Heater

The main thing with a solar roof-heater is that it needs an area at least the same as the surface area of the pool…and is not shaded or inclined away […]

Controlling Gas and Heat Pump Pool Heaters

 You should connect your existing pool heater to the Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) in most cases. This will enable us to integrate the heater correctly and manage it […]

Controlling Solar Pool Heaters

Pooled Energy can manage your existing solar heater as an optional service. This can be done in three different ways, depending upon the type of solar heater that you have: […]

Intelligent Solar Heater Management using Weather Information from the Bureau

Irrespective of which variant of solar heater you have, it is important to note that while the heating energy from the sun is free, the cost of collecting that energy […]

How much Heating will I get from my solar Pool Heater?

Our general experience is that solar heaters tend to boost pool temperatures by about 2-3°C and they do extend the swimming season, about a month each side of summer.   […]