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 You should connect your existing pool heater to the Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) in most cases. This will enable us to integrate the heater correctly and manage it through Pooled Energy’s Pool App.  You can turn it on remotely, for example, as you are leaving the office.

The main reason for integration is that heaters usually heat water flowing through the filter and there are minimum required flow rates. Most pool heaters’ minimum water-flow requirements are (usually much) higher than is required for efficient filtration, but lower than full pump power.  Since the filter pump is the main energy consumer in keeping the pool clean, it is important to continually adjust the pump speed to minimise the energy it uses, but only to the extent permitted by the rest of the system.  Flow rate requirements can change rapidly, depending on what appliances are running and as the filter dirties up.  Pooled Energy measures and manages water flow.

Conventional pools with heaters solve this problem by running the filter at full speed all the time, in case the heater controller ‘decides’ to turn the heater on. This incurs large, unnecessary, additional electricity charges.

Pooled Energy’s IPC on the other hand, adjusts the speed of the pump and synchronises the operation of the filter and the heater (and any other operating devices). The IPC will run your filter at an efficient filtration speed when the heater is off, and speed up to an efficient heating speed whenever the heater turns on and requires higher flow. This optimises energy use.

Another important consideration is that many heaters have a start-up and shut-down sequence that is best managed by the IPC. It is possible to over-heat and melt plastic (PVC) pool pipes if this is
not done correctly.

You can monitor the pool temperature via the Pool App.

Integrated operation is particularly important with solar heaters as these tend to run in the more expensive times of the day for time-of-use electricity charges. They are also important for Heat Pumps which
typically require longer operating times than other types of heaters.