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My Pool has Sandstone/Travertine/Marble Ledges and Copings

  Some types of stone can suffer from weathering from the salt water used with electrolytic chlorination, as the salt forms cystals as it dries. These pools often use ‘fresh’ […]

How does the surface finish of the pool affect operations?

Different surfaces react differently to pool water and it is important for your control system to react correctly to it.  The best solution is to allow the pool surface to […]

Minor Repairs and Additions during Installation of a Pooled Energy system

During installation we may encounter small problems with existing equipment, such as: leaking pipes and valves, missing skimmer weirs, and other items that are either legal requirements or important to […]

My old pool needs a new surface finish. What would you recommend for a new surface finish?

We can’t make any recommendation regarding the aesthetic of your pool, but, from a pool chemistry point of view, the more inert the surface, the better.  Pools with tiles are […]

What do I do if I need work done on the pool shell or surface?

Pooled Energy does not do this work itself, but will be happy to recommend someone to do it. Please call us on 1300 364 703.

What do you control during the ‘curing’ time of new surfaces?

Some pool surfaces such as Marblesheen and Quartzon require a curing time of about 5 weeks during which time the chemistry must be closely managed according to the supplier’s directions. At […]