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How do I clean the strainer on the filter pump?

Please check the Strainer on your filter pump from time to time and before you do a backwash. The Pooled Energy system will often detect blockages in the Strainer or the […]

How do I prime the system?

If your pump is above the water level of the pool, it will need to prime after the strainer has been opened and air has been let into the system. […]

Why does the filter pump speed vary in a Pooled Energy system?

Pooled Energy will install a variable speed electronic drive for your existing pump.  This enables significant energy savings and almost all single-speed pumps can be controlled by our system. Most […]

Variable speed pumps?

It is important to understand that, whereas other manufacturers advertise ‘variable speed’ pumps, these are not truly variable. They are really ‘settable speed’ pumps which do not adapt to the […]

Does a high energy-star rating on a pump mean a more efficient pool?

Not necessarily.  The pump needs to produce a suitable flow and pressure for a particular pool system at the appropriate times.  If a pump is inappropriate for a particular pool […]