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Not necessarily.  The pump needs to produce a suitable flow and pressure for a particular pool system at the appropriate times.  If a pump is inappropriate for a particular pool operation, it may waste a lot of energy even if it has a high Energy Star rating and it may also cause equipment issues.

A key requirement is synchronisation with other pool equipment….. and operation at the correct flow rate for each operation, whether it is filtering, chlorinating, heating, cleaning or backwashing, etc.  Pre-set multi-speed pumps may appear to offer energy savings but because their speeds are not synchronised nor self-adapting to the devices running in the pool, they don’t save as much as a Pooled Energy system and can also result in poor quality pool water or damage to pool equipment or plumbing. This is often because of failure to deliver the correct flow for the required operation. It is particularly important for pool heaters for example, that flow is adequate during heating and that water flow is sustained for a period after the heater turns off to eliminate the potential for damage.

The Pooled Energy system measures and controls water flow.