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Smartphone app user manual

This is a step-by-step guide to using the Pooled Energy application. The latest version is 4.9.1 which was released on the 20th of September, 2019. Simply click the link below to […]

How to connect my Pool System onto my Wi-Fi Network

If you have changed your home Wi-Fi details, you will need to reconfigure your pool system. Before starting, make sure of the following: You have your home Wi-Fi network details […]

App Quick Start Guide

The Pooled Energy quick start guide helps customers learn about the Pooled Energy mobile application. Controlling your pool equipment Putting the system in manual mode Tuning your sanitation level Water […]

Direct Connection

In the event that your pool system is experiencing communication issues, you have the ability to directly connect to control your system. Direct Connection has limited functionality and should only […]

Why does my equipment say X?

There are a variety of different status messages that can be displayed to reflect the state of your equipment. Not Running Indicates that the piece of equipment is not running. […]

Temperature Control

If temperature control has been enabled for your equipment, you have the ability to change the temperature that your equipment will run to. 1. Select the equipment (usually Heater) you […]