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The Pool App is an intuitive Software Application that will run on your Tablet or Smartphone (Apple or Android). It gives you a snapshot of the condition of your pool and a number of Manual Controls that can override the automatic operation of the system.  It will also help you Backwash the system.

The App is available from the relevant App store and is updated from time to time.  The functionality of your system and that of the Pool App depends on the software and hardware revision you have and how your pool is set up. Please make sure you have the latest version.

In general, the following describes functionality that is being rolled out progressively with the App at the time of writing. Early release versions have a subset of this.

Please remember that the overall pool automation system is automatic and you ordinarily do not have to do anything other than empty leaves from the skimmer, strainer and sweep, but, if you wish, you will be able to see and/or adjust the following once you have the appropriate release software.

Water Quality

1. Overall water quality is shown on the main screen. 

If the screen reports, ‘Water Quality In Range,’ it means that the water was recently tested by the system and was found to be inside the recommended operating limits of Pooled Energy’s Standard Operating Environment (SOE) for water quality.

If the water is not within the SOE, the App will tell you not to swim.

In Range’ means that the pH, sanitiser levels and main chemicals balance appear correct. 

 Please note that while this system is highly reliable, it cannot sense all conditions and is sometimes hampered by a loss of communication to the Central Computer or other equipment issues.  It can’t for example, detect sudden pollution of the pool by heavy run-off, or a dead animal in the water.  If you have any concerns, please call Pooled Energy.  The ultimate responsibility for swimming is yours.

Note: Most Conventional pool test kits do not work with Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry. Please rely on the Pool App to monitor water quality for you.
You can refer to the Chemistry Section in the FAQs for more details of Pooled Energy’s chemistry,

Computer Assisted Backwash

Via the App, you are able to backwash the filter (we recommend about every 8 week in summer). To start a backwash, go to the ‘Pool Maintenance’ page and click ‘Start Guided Backwash’. Follow the messages/prompts until completion.

Note: It is recommended that you do not abandon this process half way through. This is to ensure your Water Quality/Chemistry is kept in-check and within Range. We also advise this as a safety precaution. If for whatever reason you do need to abandon the backwash procedure. Please set your Main Valve back to the ‘Filter’ position before stopping.

Manual Equipment Override

You may manually start any configured component of your pool system, for example: filter pump, pool sweep, chlorinator, heater, lights, fountain, robot, etc. for any desired time up to 8 hours

All components will run at 80% or 100% of capacity, as the case may be. If you select a device with a dependency, for example the chlorinator, then the dependent device (in this case, the filter pump) will also run and so provide the necessary water to the chlorinator.

If You Have A Pool With a Wet-Edge Or Infinity Edge, you should use run the filter when you swim or else your balance tank could overflow.

If you want to Manually Vacuum the pool, run the filter pump manually using the App

If you want to Super-Chlorinate the pool, (after a contamination event) you can select SUPERCHLORINATION on the App.  This will run high sanitiser levels for 24 hours.  Please do NOT go back in until the App denotes normal conditions, which could take a couple of days, or more, depending on the level of UV.


Water Level Control

If you have the Auto-fill or the Auto-empty optional hardware, you are able to control this via the Device Overrides page. Simply select either the Fill or Empty and run it for the desired duration.

1. Add fresh water for XX minutes (if you have the auto-fill optional hardware)

2. Empty water for XX minutes (if you have the auto-empty optional hardware)

Pool System Controls

Via the Pool Controls page, you are able to control various variables for your pool. This includes:

  • Automation Control 
    • If you have to empty leaves from the skimmer box, strainer or for other maintenance, please set your Automation  status to Off. You must do this to avoid the system inadvertently starting and possibly causing injury or death of life.
  • Sweep Operation 
    • If you take the Pool Sweep out of the pool for cleaning or because you wish to take it out, please set the Sweep Operation status to Off. You must do this otherwise the sweep may try to start automatically and without warning.
  • Pool Cover
    • If you have your Pool Cover on, generally the system will self-adapt and you do not need to advise the system that there is a cover in-place.  When you remove a cover, it is a good idea to wait a few minutes just in case there was any gas build-up under the cover.


Calling for Help from Pooled Energy

Please call our Support Centre at the number on the HELP page or email us