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You won’t need much!   With the Pooled Energy automatic system, you are unlikely to experience the frequent water quality problems which occur in residential pools due to poor pool chemistry or insufficient chlorination.

Other water problems are rare and typically arise from contamination.  Examples are fertilizer run-off into the pool during storms; too many or unusual dissolved solids in your local tap water, and pre-existing defects in the surface finish of your pool.  If you have any such problems, please ask us.

Please don’t add incorrect or unrequested chemicals into the pool. It will upset the automatic control system and may lead to having to empty and refill your pool and new chemicals at your expense.

For such problems, you can contact Pooled Energy via the Pool App, the web-site, or by phone to our Call Centre.

To contact Pooled Energy via the Pool App, go to Help > And in the top right corner, create a new support ticket with your query.