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All questions in System Operation

How do I override the system manually?

You can override the automatic system using either the Pool App which is self-explanatory or, if you have Manual Buttons on the Intelligent Pool Controller Cabinet, you can do the […]

Downloadable (PDF) guide for manually operating the IPC

Please find a PDF guide you can download for manual operation of the controller for your Pooled Energy service below.   Direct Link to PDF

How do I start the system

Sign up with Pooled Energy. We will install the system and operation is automatic. The system is normally always ON and you should never disconnect it from power or switch it […]

What happens if I accidentally move a valve into a wrong position and the system starts?

The Pooled Energy system has extensive sensors that will automatically shut down the system under most, but not all, fault conditions. Please do not adjust valves or controls unless requested or […]

How do I control the system

Operation is automatic but you may override the system using the Pool App which has intuitive controls. You can, Stop the entire system   Run any configured device in manual, such […]

Is there any other maintenance I need to do on the system?

Operation is automatic and there is no regular maintenance other than keeping the strainers, skimmer boxes and Pool sweeps clear of leaves and debris.   If your pool equipment fails, […]

Emptying water from the pool manually via the filter

 To empty water manually from the filter using the Pool App Using the Pool App, TURN AUTOMATION OFF.  It may take up to 30 seconds to respond Rotate the valve […]