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Sign up with Pooled Energy. We will install the system and operation is automatic.

The system is normally always ON and you should never disconnect it from power or switch it off, except for emergencies and maintenance. If you wish to switch it OFF, please use the Pool App to do so.

Some Intelligent Pool Controller cabinets have two lighted buttons:  GREEN and ORANGE. These can be used for manual control as follows:

The normal condition for the Pooled Energy System is that the GREEN light on the cabinet should be FLASHING.  This means that it is communicating with the Central Network Operating Centre and is in AUTOMATIC mode.

If the GREEN light is STEADY, then the system is operating under local control only.

If the GREEN light is OFF, the overall system is OFF.  Press it for 1 second and it should glow and, in a minute, start to flash.  If not, please check that the power supply is on.